Birthday Party Ideas Taking Advantage of Pirate Party Products

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With films like Pirates of the Caribbean catching the awareness of people of all ages, and not just small children, throwing a birthday celebration utilizing pirate party supplies is an interesting and preferred scheme. This party doesn’t have to be exclusively inspired to any particular pirate movie art cartoon, but just be related to pirates and it will still be a success. Here are some things to consider when planning and setting up your birthday party using pirate party supplies:





  • Fill in pirate themed birthday invitations: these can be store-bought, or you can make them with your children. There are also a number Internet sites with completely free printable pirate invitations that are full color, or black and white if you want to color them in and decorate them with your little ones.



  • Make it a costume party: on the invitations, as that each guest come in a pirate costume. Make sure that you, as well as all your staff, are also dressed in a pirate costume. That way, the adults in attendance can have just as much amusement as the kids.



  • If this is a summer celebration, think outside the box: if you have an in-ground pool, request that each visitor bring in their bathing suits and a towel with them. By doing this, you can have some pool games, and you can pretend that the kids are walking off the plank using your diving board.



  • Employ theater props: in addition to pirate party supplies and a pirate costume dawned by each guest, consider going to a theater supply company to see if you can rent out a treasure chest, some genuine looking plastic swords, some colorful parrots, and maybe even a boat anchor.





When stuffing up the loot bags for this birthday party, there are various add-ons you can select from at big box stores, the dollar store, and on the Internet. Go out and buy eye patches, plastic shiny coins, periscopes, and compasses. If you can have enough money the additional expense in your budget, take advantage of using sacks crafted from twill or tweed and, with black fabric or acrylic paint, stencil a skull and cross bones on to each one. That, along with the pirate costume, will add a lot of excitement and style to the special event.


Take some large sheets of drawing paper, one for each party guest. Two or three days before the birthday party, tarnish each piece of paper in tea individually and let them dry fully. Just take some brown rubber stamp ink (some people refer to it as distress ink), and rub it along the edges of the dried sheets.


Produce treasure maps on each of these sheets of paper. Conceal things throughout your home, or if your yard is big enough, make this outdoors. Draw out how many paces each guest must take in order to figure out these treasures. You can step this project up by using a stamp in the shape of a foot to create the path on the map, and stickers or drawings portraying all the spaces where the treasures are covered.

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Birthday Party Ideas Taking Advantage of Pirate Party Products

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Birthday Party Ideas Taking Advantage of Pirate Party Products

This article was published on 2012/03/17