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I would like to tell you why Kefalonia holidays are such great fun. Kefalonia is a one of the Greek islands that are already popular with UK tourists. Recently though Kefalonia is becoming more popular and for good reasons.

What makes a great holiday for you? Is it the beaches? The weather? Culture and history? Well Kefalonia holidays could be right up your street. It attracts a wide diversity of tourists because of its wide appeal.

Are you interested in a bit of culture and history then? Well as you know Greece is steeped in history and Kefalonia is no exception. You can learn about the history at the same time as taking excursions to the ruins. These are very interesting days out.

Now a big favourite of UK tourists are beach holidays (I am no expectation). Greek islands have a reputation of having pebbly beaches. Although this also applies to Kefalonia their beaches are amongst the best of the Greek islands. Kefalonia holidays would not be the same without the trips to the beach.

The accommodation has also improved in recent years. The accommodation on Greek islands have a reputation for being clean and basic. Most are apartment type hotels but you can also get the traditional types. Often they are family run businesses so the staff are very friendly and also very happy to help you if you have any queries. Obviously there are premium resorts if you are willing to pay for them.

The local currency is the Euro and if you are from the UK you will find that over the last few years the prices have seemed to go up. It is still cheaper than the UK but not as cheap as you might expect.

Whatever your motivation for going on Kefalonia holidays you are bound to have a great time. Be careful though, once you been you will want to keep going back!

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Kefalonia Holidays

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This article was published on 2010/10/07