Personalized Gift Wrap - Best Holiday Gift Idea

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Every year people all over the world spend countless hours searching for unique and meaningful holiday gifts. It can often be a difficult and time consuming task to find the perfect Christmas presents for family and friends. To most, the cost of the gift is not important. Meaningful gifts are directly proportional to the amount of time and thought put into them.


Gift wrap is an often overlooked aspect of holiday presents. Most gifts are bundled in hastily purchased, generic gift wrap or stuffed into oh so familiar recycled gift bags.


Personalized wrapping paper can solve many of the issues plaguing gifts in the modern day. It shows thought, originality, and will be remembered for years to come; unlike the gift cards we so often see stuffed in meaningless greeting cards with a quick signature.


I will now walk you through the steps of how to make your very own custom Christmas gift wrapping paper.



1) Decide who the present is for. With many different styles and designs to choose from, you want to make sure that the recipient is accurately represented in the style of wrap that you choose. For a child, a spaceship or fire truck design is perfect. For your wife, a slightly more elegant design would be suitable.


2) Decide if you want to personalize the Christmas wrapping paper with a single picture repeated, multiple pictures, or no picture at all. Most personalized wrapping paper styles are designed to accommodate one of these choices. Once again, depending on the recipient, one may be more appropriate then another.


3) Decide what you want to say. Is this going to be funny? Or is it sweet? Reminiscent? Or sentimental? There are many different avenues options to choose. If you will be giving multiple presents, it might be a good idea to make a few different rolls.


4) Get a list of all the people who you would like to give custom Christmas wrapping paper to. Make and order all your rolls in one shot. This will save you money on shipping and may also bring the price per roll lower.


5) Find your wrap! A great place to make personalized Christmas wrapping paper is (hint – birthday, any occasion, or other categories of personalized gift wrap often contain designs that can also be configured into wonderful Christmas paper. Do not limit yourself!)


6) Give your presents and be prepared for the questions. Where did you get this? How did you do this? How did you think of something so amazing!? Why are you so smart, thoughtful, and wonderful!?


7) Give yourself a pat on the back for thinking of such a good idea. Enjoy your presents, family time, and holidays. Merry Christmas!!!



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Personalized Gift Wrap - Best Holiday Gift Idea

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This article was published on 2010/12/17