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For an all-year round vacation extravagance, pack your luggage and hop into an unforgettable Wales holiday. Just a few hours from the key cities like London, Manchester and Liverpool, Wales boasts a very accessible countryside style of living.

With an estimated 8 million visitors annually, Wales is considered as one of United Kingdom's finest tourist spots. This piece of UK is backed up with wealthy culture and heritage evident with the olden castles that date back to medieval era. Today, various outdoor activities and itineraries have been developed to boost tourism and ensure a grand time during a family's Wales holiday.

To give you an idea on where to go and what to do's during your Wales holiday, here's a list of the country's prime vacation spots:

1. The National Museum and Gallery in Cardiff- with over half a million tourists visiting this place every year, you are assured that this is not another museum of sorts. In fact, it is home to the most outstanding impressionist paintings outside of Paris.

2. St. Fagans National History Museum- uncover the mystery and history behind the age of Celtics, Vikings and Romans in every step within this open-air historical complex—with over 40 historical buildings that will take you to a travel back in time. A day within St. Fagans during your holiday in Wales will let give you a glimpse of the ancient Welsh culture and traditions.

3. Margam Country Park at Port Palbot- a stroll along the 1000 acres of this marvelous parkland will leave you clamoring for more of Wales' untouched beauty. Visit the magnificent 18th Century Orangery, 12th Century-old Chapter House and Tudor-Gothic style Victorian Mansion house.

4. Snowdonia Hiking Trail- a close runner up to Mt. Everest is the mountain of Snowdonia. The rugged terrain, the panoramic view and the majestic natural fauna and flora—these things made this highest peak in UK popular to both amateur and veteran climbers.

5. Cardiff Summer Festival- not only is Cardiff the largest and capital city, it is also hosting yearly the most vibrant festivities in UK, where Wales holiday peaks. The much anticipated and well-attended Cardiff Summer Festival showcase events including Alice through the Looking Glass Parade, theater performances, free food and drinks, promenades that are proudly Welsh, Red Dragon Festival and kiddie carnivals.

6. Pembrokshire National Park- taking its pride from a 621-mile excellent coastline, Pembrokshire National Park is water sports haven: surfing, diving and coasteering.

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Top Wales Hideaway Destinations

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This article was published on 2010/10/19